Comforting Domestic Violence Survivors

The YCC domestic violence crisis center in Ogden is requesting care packages for children who are accompanying their mothers as they take the brave first steps of seeking safety from abuse. We will be assembling 50 kid care packages with snacks, coloring books, composition book, crayons, pens as pictured.

Your $15 donation will go to Ogden Rotary Club to purchase these supplies in bulk and bring them to Conference for your assembly into the care packages.

Alleviating Food Insecurity

Help feed children of 150 households from Fiddler’s Elementary School in Cedar City by donating to this end-of-the-school-year food drive in partnership with Cedar City Rotary Club.

The next time you are at the grocery store, purchase the items pictured: canned meat, soup, fruit, pasta meals, peanut butter – and bring these donations to District Conference.

Or donate $15 in support of this project and the items will be there Saturday to pack.

Appreciating our Veterans

Veterans hold a special place in every Rotarian’s heart. We hope to say thank you for their dedication and sacrifice, for keeping us and our country safe, with welcome kits for veterans who are checking into the Veterans Administration hospital in Salt Lake City.

With your $25 donation, Millcreek Rotary Club is purchasing the pictured items in bulk so they can be assembled into welcome packages at Conference. You’ll have an opportunity to write a personal thank you note.

Thanks to the South Jordan Rotary Club, each welcome package will include a drawing by a young participant in their family service nights.