RYLA Super Heros

Super heroes Natalie Argyle and Michael Anglin were honored for 8 and 6 years respectively of exceptional service as chair and co-chair – while raising the bar year after year – of Rotary Youth Leadership Awards in District 5420.

At the recent All-Clubs Gala for World Polio Day 2022, Natalie, a member of the Utah E-Club and Michael, a member of Valley West Rotary, were recognized by a very grateful District with a standing ovation and a plaque for their selfless service.

Addressing the over 240 Rotarians gathered at the event, Governor Jose Velasco said, “For a long time, this force for incredible good has been at the helm of our Rotary Youth Leadership Academy.”

To date more than 1000 students have taken part in this amazing program learning leadership and life skills necessary to face the challenges ahead. Collectively RYLArians have consumed more than 48,000 meals, heard forty-eight incredible speakers, drank 31,986 cups of hot chocolates (give or take a few hundred), and took part in stimulating team talks reinforcing messages taught by speakers. When asked why she dedicated so much of her time and efforts towards RYLA, Natalie responded, “It’s about the young people.”

RYLArian Raven Jane reports, “a week ago I spent 4 days in the middle of a mountain with 170 strangers. Some of these strangers are now some of my best friends. Natalie, the lady who runs RYLA told us when Saturday morning came, none of us would want to go home. I didn’t believe her, but when Saturday came, I cried when I said goodbye to some of the best people I’ve ever met. RYLA changed my life completely. It made me want to be a better person and to make people proud of who I am. I love my red team and miss everyone!”

A new RYLA chapter in D5420’s history is about to begin but Natalie and Michael will always be remembered for giving their all to successfully stage one of Utah Rotary’s premier events for many years.

What’s new for this dynamic duo? Michael is currently serving as president of Valley West Rotary while Natalie is in the same position in the Utah eClub, but she has also accepted the assignment to serve as activity chair for the District’s Youth Exchange students, certainly an assignment for which she is well-suited!

Well-done, super humans!

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