Imagine Rotary

Imagine Rotary” is RI President Jennifer Jones’ 2022-23 presidential theme, designed by Riki Salam, an Australian artist and graphic designer specializing in contemporary Indigenous art, design, and communications.

Meaning of the design elements. The circle in aboriginal culture, signifies connections to one another. The seven dots represent people as well as Rotary’s areas of focus. The circle and the dots together become a navigation star – a guiding light. The solid line underneath symbolizes a digging stick used when doing hard work. And, since Rotary members are people of action – it also represents a tool for getting things done.

The colors green, purple, and white are not necessarily connected to aboriginal culture but President Jones asked her Governors to use one, two, or all three when dressing for official events instead of using a theme jacket. “As we celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion, I want all of us to be able to express ourselves differently in what we wear, but still have connection”, Jones explained.

There are several ways to interpret the colors: purple might stand for polio eradication, green for the environment, the newest addition to RI’s areas of focus; and white for peace, Rotary’s core mission. Together, they are the colors of the women’s movement, the Suffragette – a subtle nod to this history as Jones points out since she is the first female president of Rotary International.

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