How Cedar City Increased Membership by 20%

Cedar City Rotary began the year with 83 members.  Our 2021-22 goal of growing our membership by 10% (to 91 members) was shared with the club in July.

We now have 100 members, a net increase of 20%.   Although we have inducted 24 members, we lost 7 (job changes, relocation, church mission, and an untimely death), representing a net gain of 17 members.  Knowing that we will always experience turnover, we understand the need to “stay ahead of the curve” so we grow in spite of membership loss.

What has contributed to our growth?

  1. Club members are committed to not only grow our club but to bring in diverse, new members with a passion for service.
  2. From managing leads, to one-on-one conversations with prospects, to overseeing the proposal and approval processes and to scheduling inductions, our Membership Committee ensures an effective “start to finish” membership procedure.
  3. Our “Each One Bring One” membership event recruited several new members as well as identified additional prospects.
  4. We have successfully targeted Business Memberships which has accounted for multiple inductions.
  5. By reconnecting with former Rotarians, we have re-inducted several into the club.
  6. Members have sponsored spouses or other family members, contributing to a strong family commitment to Rotary.
  7. A current Rotaractor and a former Rotaractor have joined our club, setting the stage for future recruitment.
  8. Sixteen of our members are sponsors.
  9. We have created a “Buzz” through dynamic programs with broad appeal, an increased number of service projects and social events, a virtual option during the early stages of the pandemic, and having FUN!
  10. Through newspapers, radio and social media presence, community visibility, and partnering with other organizations in providing service, we continue to receive inquiries regarding membership opportunities.

With growth comes the challenge of immediately engaging new members.  We actively recruit them to participate on committees/fill an important role within the club and to become involved in our fundraisers and service projects.  We recognize that engagement and retention are equally important as recruitment.  Induction is only the beginning of developing strong, committed Rotarians!





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