Collaboration will Continue with Regional Assemblies

Both written and verbal reviews contend: Club Cluster Assemblies successfully brought Utah Rotarians together to share ideas, energize members, and deepen clubs’ leadership bench by providing interactive Rotary learning. DGE Jose Velasco & DGN John Redd have committed to continue these regional meetings into the next Rotary Years.

Some take-aways: Rotarians learned some weekly programs can be replaced with socials and service projects, it is important to ask your members what they are getting out of their club membership – and what they are not getting, dues and meeting times can be structured in different ways within a club, and collaboration among clubs for service, socials, and fundraisers is ‘totally doable’ to quote one Rotarian.

Breakout sessions dispelled the ideas that business networking is discouraged in Rotary, satellite clubs ‘steal’ (instead of attract new) members, and ‘tooting your own horn’ is a bad thing. Community awareness of your club’s accomplishments is as critical to club health as partnering to increase service impact. and have so many resources. And, of course, our youth programs are the future of our organization and need member involvement to thrive.

Enjoy some photos from these great Rotary experiences!


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