The Washington City ‘Why’

The Washington City ‘Why’

This message from Utah Rotary’s newest club may resonate with clubs all over the state:

Our Rotary members have jobs and careers, some more than one. They have families, school functions, phones constantly ringing, and a daily laundry list of errands to run and problems to solve. So why does each member go out of their way to sacrifice some of the already limited time they have to join an organization like rotary?

As we take time each week to get to know our fellow Rotarians, we ask what their “why?” is. The answer most often is simple and generally the same—because we have been given so much, it’s only right to find time to give back. It’s an idea of having a socially redeeming duty. It’s the acknowledgement that your success—whether in business or in general—would not be possible without the community you reside in. It is because the community chose to support your business, or because your neighbors helped you through challenging times, or because you were allowed to jump ahead in line since you only had a few items. It is because many hands have touched your life in both small and large ways that you are successful.

It doesn’t matter how much money is donated or how much time is given. What matters most is having the attitude of gratitude and sharing that as much as we can with the people we connect with each day.


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