West Jordan Rotary escapes squirrel cage with extraordinary service

Sometimes we get caught up in the squirrel cage of life and wonder if we are making a difference in the world. Here is the answer to that question if you are a member of the West Jordan Rotary Club or the Utah E-Club.  Since July of this year, this is what we have accomplished:

  • Through our polio plus donations of our members, we have immunized 1,200 children with the Polio vaccine.
  • We have provided 40 sanitation kits to keep young women in schools in third-world countries.
  • We provided over 203 school items, 50 pairs of various sizes of underwear, and 50 sanitation kits for kids housed at the South Valley Sanctuary, a shelter for children of domestic violence.
  • We have provided 28 hygiene kits to military refugees who fled their country because these refugees supported the U.S.war against terrorism in Afghanistan.
  • We have supported an exchange student from Italy to the tune of $100 a month for living expenses.
  • We have contributed more than $3,000 as a club to TRF in the first four months of the Rotary year. This money may dig 30 water wells or restore sight to 40 children who have avoidable blindness, install more than 150 solar lights on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, or feed 3,211 malnourished children for a day.
  • Sent 6 high school students to RYLA to learn skills to become the world’s future leaders.
  • We have purchased and are in the process of distributing 51 wheelchairs to children and young adults in Columbia, some of whom have been waiting for mobility for two or more years.
  • We provided a Wheelchair for Cody, a local resident with special needs.
  • We supported our local Scout Troop with a potato fundraiser, picking up hundreds of pounds of potatoes, bagging them and helping them sell them.
  • We repaired the Field of Dreams so children with special needs could play baseball this season.

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