District Governor-Nominee RY 2023-24

According to members of this year’s Selection Committee, Rotarian John Redd, a member of Bountiful Rotary has been chosen to serve as Governor of Utah Rotary District 5420 in RY2023-24 (aka District Governor-Nominee [Designate]), from a short list of exceptional candidates.

In his own words:  While growing up in Fort Worth, TX, I often heard my father refer to his stockbroker. I didn’t know what that was exactly, but I knew it was a good thing as it seemed to have a lot to do with how my dad supported us. I came to understand the bulk of my parents’ net worth had to do with investments. My father had been consistent in buying his company stock over the years, as well as buying other stocks. He didn’t have a pension when he retired, or a 401k, but he had built a nice nest egg through saving and smart investing.

I went on to school and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southern Utah University and a master’s degree in recreational therapy from Indiana University. I wanted to help families and I wanted to make a difference.

I met my wife, Nicole, while working on my undergraduate degree. We were married in 1995.  After schooling and working as a therapist for a while, I became acquainted with an Edward Jones financial advisor. The first time he talked to me about what he did and the company he worked for, I thought, “Wow, this is something I need to do.  I need to work for them.” I started with Edward Jones in September, 2001.  As it turns out, this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

Nicole and I have four children Chase (20), John (deceased), Katri (16), and Olivia (12) and together we enjoy traveling, camping, hiking and overlanding.

I joined the Rotary Club of Salt Lake in December of 2001. As I started to build my practice, I knew I needed to be involved in the community. I sought out a Rotary club because my Dad had been a Rotarian and I knew much of his community involvement had come through Rotary service. I have served on the membership committee, as chair of the Salt Lake Rotary Club Foundation’s Investment Committee and as the Youth Committee chair for a number of years and had great experiences with the youth of Salt Lake City.

One I will never forget was at the Horizonte School, where we had an Interact Club.  One year at the first of the school year I was at the club’s first meeting and the advisor (a teacher at the school) for the club was introducing us. One of the students asked, “what is Rotary” and before I could answer, the advisor said: “They’re a bunch of old, rich, white guys who get together for lunch every week.” Right then I knew we had an image problem. I laughed and said, “well, she’s half right because I am not old and I am not rich.” I went on to explain what Rotary is. These kids had an amazing year and went on to do some very impressive projects. After 12 years, I moved my office from downtown Salt Lake to Centerville, and transferred my Rotary membership to the Bountiful Club. I have served on the membership committee, been a club president and chaired the club’s foundation. I currently serve as the co-chair of the Bountiful Rotary Coats for Kids Car Show. This fantastic project has clothed thousands of kids in the Bountiful area without them ever knowing mom or dad didn’t buy their winter clothes.

I am grateful for the lessons I learned from my parents. I am thrilled to work for Edward Jones. I am blessed to have a career where I can help families and make a difference. I am proud to be a Rotarian and to serve with each of you … and I am humbled to be your future District Governor.

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