Raising Money During a Pandemic

These are undoubtedly strange days. People are staying home and taking a much closer look at their finances in case of sickness and emergency. It just doesn’t seem like the right time for business-as-usual nonprofit fundraising — and it probably isn’t. When life returns to the new normal, it’s likely that history will show that the most successful nonprofits continued to ask for donations, although possibly in a different way. Those nonprofits who attempt to give their donors a break or simply don’t know how to raise funds virtually will suffer or even go out of business as a result.

During this time, we need to get creative in ways to reach and engage members and donors, as well as raise income, when we can’t physically host an event. So before you cancel any events, consider whether you can turn it into something digital or virtual.

You could either turn an existing event into something virtual or create an entirely new virtual event in its place.

So how should we fundraise during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are some ideas from the American Fundraising Professionals, TechSoup, CauseVox, and others:

  • Try a peer-to-peer campaign to have supporters set up pages to fundraise on your nonprofit’s behalf.

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